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True Life Gaming Rules

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True Life Gaming Rules Empty True Life Gaming Rules

Post by Joko on Tue Dec 22, 2009 7:01 pm

Do not advertise any other Forum,Site,Or server
Hacking or cheating is not permitted
Do not use any GTA:SA bugs on purpose
English Only
Do not insult anyone's sexuality/race or any other personal characteristics
Do not Spam the chatbox
Do not talk about Warez or any other illegal products
Respect admins and their Decisions.If you have a complaint please post in the complaints section
Respect other members
Keep signatures to a small size.(Not much bigger than 600px × 280px please)

If you are to break or disobey a rule you will either be banned or given a strict warning

Administrators Rules
Do not kick or ban for nonsense reasons
No adding "noob" or such in the bans or kicks(Such As Health hacker nOOb)
Do not put "hax" or haxor" in the bans or kicks
Respect higher Level admins
Be fair to all players
If you see someone hacking.Please get proof

If you break or disobey a rules you will be demoted or given a Strict Warning.


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